You have been waiting for this all of your life – having to hear your boss saying, “You’re hired!” is like music to your competitive ears. It’s like the business mogul Donald Trump welcoming you into his empire. This is your moment, will you take the plunge or will you take a step backward and evaluate your options? Then you begin to question your choices, did you really make the right decision? Will this be the right job for you? Here are tips on how to evaluate a job offer. What are the things you need to consider first? Is it the salary or the health benefits? What about your boss and your would-be co-workers? Is it the culture or the work environment in the company? You can get an increase in your salary and benefits in the later time but you cannot change the environment and the culture. Your boss will stay at is as well as your co-workers.

How to Evaluate that Job Offer?

Everybody is different.

Try asking yourself if what gives you the most job satisfaction. Is it the amount of money you make? Is it because your boss adored you or you just love what you do?

If you think money will give you a job satisfaction, then start surveying on the salary of the employees and look for other information regarding with the job. If the job appeals to you, you can negotiate the offer.

You should know what kind of office environment you would enjoy and comfortable with.

Observe the company’s culture.

Do they do overtimes? Do they encourage you to work on late hours? Evaluate if this setting will suit you.

You should also consider the distance between your home and the office. Is it too far from your house? How long will it take for you to commute?
The answers to all questions you can find here.

Evaluate your boss and co-workers.

It may not influence you personally but it will have a huge impact on the quality of your work. See if people are friendly and has a good disposition.

Whether you chose to accept or decline the job offer, you should inform your employer formally whether in writing or by telephone. If you say yes, that would make an impression to your boss. If you chose no, then certainly you don’t want to leave a bad impression. Act professional.

If you think the job is perfect for you, accept the offer on the spot. But be sure to understand the terms and conditions before saying yes. If you are undecided, evaluate the pros and the cons before reaching a decision.

If the job offer is made by letter, then you can still have time to think about it. If made by telephone or in person, then make sure you answer appropriately. Ask some time to think about the offer and throw some questions if have any.
After receiving the job offer, discuss its benefits to a family member or other people you trust.

You should be certain that this will be the perfect job for you. Otherwise you won’t move forward in your career goals.