No matter the profession or career you choose to follow, whenever you are attending an interview, you should dress in a conservative way (read why by link), because you never know who you are going to meet. And even if you think the company also operates in the part-time system, you still have to dress appropriately. So dress to impress!

How To Dress For An Interview?


Men should wear suits in sober colors, like navy blue or oil grey. The suit may have stripes, but the overall appearance should be conservative. It doesn’t have to be very expensive, but it should have a neat look, with well sized proportions. Usually, men should wear white shirt, a conservative tie, dark colored socks and shoes.

A watch and a ring are acceptable, but it is advisable that men should not wear too many pieces of jewelry.

About the men wearing earrings the opinions are various but better not! Maybe after you have gotten the position, not during the interview itself. If the earring signifies something very important to you (it has something to do with religious beliefs), you should only go to organizations which accept these items as part of their organizational culture.

It is not compulsory for men to have short hair, but it is crucial that the aspect of the hair to be neat, clean, and combed, in order to make a good first impression when they enter the interview room.


With regards to the women’s clothes, they should also wear dark colored suits, but their options are more various. We recommend that the skirts should be either long or under the knees, but never mini. Women should wear foot gear and medium heels. And again, the overall look should be PROFESSIONAL, no matter the job you apply for. If you’re woman, you probably like jewelry, but wearing them should be moderate. The earrings should not have enormous dimensions in order not to attract all attention upon them. Your hair should be neat, washed and combed and if it is too long, arranged in a ponytail or a loop, in order to make your face and eyes more visible. By no means are you to play with your hair during the interview!

An interview is not a good occasion to try a new pair of shoes or a new suit because you will get distracted by various factors (does it look good? does it catch me? is the color alright? etc) from the interview itself.

Some people do not give themselves enough time to look good and think that everything could make a good impression. Some details for men: a tight ironed collar – what do you think the interviewer’s eyes will look at those 30 minutes? At your face and the line of your collar. A crumpled or stained collar is always transmitting a negative message about the person wearing it so pay attention. And this applies to all items.

It is also advisable that the clothes you wear should reflect the profile of the company you apply in, as well as the nature of the job you seek. Some employers are far too conservative and you should be aware of their general preferences and try to respect them as well as possible. You don’t want to stand out of the crown in a negative way. Don’t use blatant colors for the items of your attire because you might offend the interviewer from a visual point of view.