General Interview Questions

1. What can you tell us about you? (The “tell me about you” question)

  • try to answer this one in less than 2 minutes; don’t stumble
  • don’t go as back as childhood, just give some details about where have you been and where you want to get (professionally speaking)
  • use the first things mentioned in your CV as an introduction
  • answer in such a way in which they understand you are a person who thinks positive, is adaptable and constant
  • mention only positive things; don’t share religion, politic preferences or sexual orientation related things

2. What do you know about our company?

  • be prepared for this question and show you have done your homework and have researched previous to going to the interview
  • tell them about the profile of the company, tell them you know and appreciate their products, tell them what their reputation is in the industry they are part of, tell them things about the history, image and perspectives of the company
  • also show yourself interested in learning new things about their company and let the interviewer give you more details about it

3. Why do you want to work for us?

  • don’t talk about what you want and would like, speak about their necessities and how you can manage to be useful to them in this regard
  • you want to be a part of the projects of their companies
  • you want to solve the company’s problems and you like being challenged
  • you could bring a major contribution to the fulfilling of their objectives

4. What would you do for our company? What can you do for our company that others cannot?

  • mention your past experience and achievements as well as other successfully finished projects. They can certify your abilities of solving problems similar to the problems the respective company might have
  • be positive when answering this question, show a lot of confidence when you list your accomplishments

5. Why do you find our offer attractive? Or unattractive?

  • enumerate three positive factors which make their company attractive and only one negative thing about it; with regards to the negative fact, pick one which is almost “invisible” so that you do not offend them
  • talk about the company’s reputation, the chance of working with people and within a challenging environment, the location of the desks/ offices etc

6. Why should we hire you?

  • they should hire you because of the knowledge, experience, abilities and skills you have
  • be very straight forward, sincere and confident when you answer this question; don’t give a vague answer

7. What do you expect from this position?

  • an opportunity of using your qualities and having them recognized
  • the possibility of enlarging your knowledge about a certain domain, because in life we learn at every step
  • avoid answering this question with these: “I like working with people”, “I like challenges”
  • connect this answer to the position you are searching for: “I’m interested in building a software to solve your problem”

8. Tell me your opinion about … (the position you’re applying for)

  • be short and concise
  • speak in terms of objectives, activities and desired results

9. How long will it take before you add a significant contribution to our company?

  • this will happen very quickly, after a period of adaptation and orientation

10. How long will you stay in the company?

  • for as long as our opinions and efforts go in the same direction
  • for as long as I contribute to the company and the company benefits from my work