When it comes to resume writing, most of us feel overwhelmed. It becomes a necessary evil. If most of us were asked, we would rather have someone else write the resume for us. Does this have to always be the case? Do we really have to loath this simple activity? Should we be so easily stopped from career change or job search by this simple two or so page document? This Article is a guide that seeks to demystify this activity. We will explore the simple things that can help us enjoy writing our resume. We look at all the free help and free tools you can use to make a resume fast without compromising its effectiveness. We will even go ahead and give you free samples that you can copy and edit to have your own outstanding resume. We want to make every resume writing step as easy as it can be.

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Before we delve in to the "meat" of the resume writing business, let's understand the basics. What is a resume and why do we need it? A resume is basically a listing of one's professional history. This simply include every term of employment, academic history and credentials, publications one may have under their arm, contributions or significant achievements in or outside their current or former jobs. When writing a resume, make sure that you make it as relevant to the job you are applying to as possible. You can afford to leave out some details if they are not directly relevant to the job you seek. It's good to note that most recruiters barely read through the contents of the whole resume. Therefore, ensure you go straight to the point. Basically, resume writing is like summarizing your whole life in only two pages!

You need to know the importance of a good resume to master its perfect writing skills. An error free, attention capturing and message delivering resume or in other words, a winning resume, is what you need. Your resume serves as the first contact with your potential employer. It makes the first impression on your behalf. It therefore, needs to be crisp and to the point. Once you understand the power of a well written resume, you can be able to give it the attention it deserves. This resume writing guide will give you a better insight of how to make an outstanding and capturing resume.

Resume writing

Have you ever heard of resume action words? In the modern world, technology has taken over all areas of life including job search. It is for this reason that you will need to know how to increase your chances at a better job by use of this technology, mainly the internet. There are many free and paid resume banks online, where you can post your resume and have potential employers easily get to you. Together with these are distribution services that ensure that your resume is seen by as many potential employers as possible. To increase your exposure and soar above the competition, you need to structure your resume well, placing action words cleverly within it. Due to this large number of resumes online, most employers use some of these action words to search for matches and possible prospects for their job openings from these resume databases. It is therefore, imperative that you execute these action words with care during the process of writing your resume.

During resume writing, remember that there are different types of resumes. These vary depending on the job one is applying for. Each type follows a slightly different format from the others. The mode of resume submission also determines how you write your resume - whether online or offline. The level of experience also plays a primary role in determining your choice resume type. A person who wants to change careers or one who wants a higher job post from what they currently hold, will have a number of years of experience under their arm, as well as quite a number of achievements and accomplishments compared to a newly graduated student. Note that the geo-location also matters, with some calling it a cv. These differences will determine the choice resume writing style and type.

Some pit falls to avoid in resume writing

In resume writing, just like in any other field, honesty is key for success. Avoid cooking up achievements for your resume. Also avoid trying to cheat on the job gaps in the resume. Just put every effort to be as honest as possible. Where there are job gaps, explain them in the cover letter. It would be very embarrassing if you are invited to an interview only for the prospective employer to realize that your answers to the interview questions do not match what you have on record in your resume. You not only lose credibility, but also miss the opportunity to get reference or grab the job you so much wanted. Avoid overlooking details in your resume. As much as possible, always get someone to review your resume before you send it out to your potential employer. Review it to assert that it is a true representation of you to the best of your knowledge, and if you will be sending it via email, send yourself a copy first to see how it will appear on the other end. When on a job search, you cannot afford the luxury of any mistakes. However, we are not always perfect. We always, at one time or the other make a mistake. You may want to share your embarrassing story here with others. This helps enlighten others on what to avoid when on the resume writing process.

Hunting for Professional Resume Writing Services

Sometimes, we are unable to do resume writing ourselves. This may be due to time constrains, lack of expertise and self-confidence or pure laziness. This does not warrant us not making a perfect resume. There are many professional resume writing services companies out there that can help. We will give you our recommendations and even show you how to hunt for deals and discounts like the one below: These will help keep a lot of your money in the pocket while getting you a job grabbing resume. There are also paid resume builders and distribution services, most of which will be part of the writing service. We will show you where to get the best of these. We also have a page where you can recommend or complain and rant about a service you hired before. This will help other service seekers to make the right choices and get value for their money. After all, it's all about the best resume writing practices.

Final thoughts...

This resume writing guide aims at opening your eyes to all the possible angles you can take to end up with a winning resume. Follow us along as we take you through the process of making a resume, giving you free templates, showing you how to write a cover letter and even recommending builders and professional services. We hope that you will enjoy going through this site. If you like our website, please share it with others using the social media buttons below this page. Also leave your comments on any page you like or one that you need more information on. We love to receive feedback. Drop us an email anytime through our contact form. Make sure to also subscribe to our feeds and drop by the resume blog. It offers invaluable tips on resume writing.